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WestEd is working with KnowledgeWorks on the first phase of the REMIQS project to compile and filter student level data from across five states to identify high-achieving (outlier) schools. Their task can be distilled into one overarching research question: “Which high schools across the identified states are most effective at fostering college and career readiness among historically marginalized student populations?” These schools will be identified based on the extent to which they outperform predicted performance levels based on multiple academic, social, and post-secondary outcomes. The final product will be a list of 30 schools to be submitted to the KnowledgeWorks Foundation.

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Urban Institute helped establish the feasibility of the original REMIQS design and conducted statistical analyses during the subsequent refining phase. Their team’s leadership and insights clarified what was available in federal and state data repositories, which outcome data were comparable across states, and how the components of a statistical model might be optimized to locate those schools that consistently out-perform predictions. These accomplishments provided the foundation for our current work which is to identify strong schools that serve marginalized populations particularly well and then investigate what makes those schools so successful.

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