REMIQS (pronounced “re-mix”) is a multi-state, mixed-methods investigation designed to answer two questions:

Where are the high schools that consistently promote rigorous outcomes among students from resilient and historically marginalized groups?

What practices, policies, procedures, and features drive those schools’ success?

To answer the first question, we’re pulling together a host of data to push the field far beyond test scores in evaluating school quality. This push is needed because most “school quality” instruments tend to:

  • Poorly define or insufficiently prioritize equity in their design
  • Contain problematic ideological assumptions or methodological flaws
  • Ignore the outcomes many families, employers, and colleges most desire (e.g., college/career readiness, deeper learning skillsets, positive school climates, social-emotional well-being, workforce earnings, civic participation, etc.).

Many states are already capturing richer data, making it possible to build a more authentic model for measuring school quality.

The REMIQS project is that model.

To answer the second question, after we locate high-performing schools – and verify their success at promoting rigorous outcomes among vulnerable populations – we will then investigate and broadcast what these schools actually do to achieve at that level.

REMIQS identifies, investigates and inspires quality schools by:

Integrating national data sets with state data to ensure inter-state comparability and a model that can be expanded to include more states as interest rises
Identifying the practices, procedures, policies, and school features that promote high achievement among traditionally underserved student populations
Strategically communicating components that target policymakers, impacted communities, systems-level leaders, media, and funders to show them what we can learn and scale if we gather better data and use better models to interpret them
Engaging a committee of diverse stakeholders composed of impacted families, employers, post-secondary education leaders, and educators who will drive how we make meaning of our findings

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